Dental Treatment Plan

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The most important aspect of any dental treatment plan is understanding why doctors recommend a specific treatment in the first place. Everyone has unique dental needs, based on such factors as their age, daily oral care habits, and existing dental restorations, such as fillings or crowns. The order to follow when treatment planning is the acute phase, prevention, stabilisation, definitive treatment and finally maintenance. 

The first phase of any treatment plan should be the acute phase where you basically get the patient out of pain and you address any emergency or urgent problems. 

Some problems need immediate attention and will need treatment on the same day, and these are Emergency problems like severe dental pain, swelling, systemic infection, or trauma to the face or jaw. Some problems don’t need immediate attention. These are treatments that postponing won’t cause the patient unnecessary pain or risk of systematic illness.

This part of the treatment plan is often overlooked because when treatment planning we tend to start thinking about all the different restorative or period problems but this acute phase is especially important when it comes to building a good rapport with your patients. 

After the Acute phase of the treatment plan, you need to look at prevention. Prevention needs to be in nearly all treatment plans that you write. It should include oral hygiene instructions, fluoride, diet diary and advice. 

The next phase is the stabilisation phase and is kind of connected to prevention in the sense that we want to stabilise their dentition to prevent any of the current diseases from getting worse. 

The next section to include is checking uncertain teeth. These are teeth which you will have to investigate further by removing caries and then assessing the options. Options might be filling, root canal treatment, crown or extraction. 

The next phase of the treatment plan is the definitive phase or as others might call it the restorative phase. After the definitive phase comes the Maintenance phase where you see the patient in regular intervals to monitor their oral health and to prevent any disease like caries from happening. 

This dental treatment plan template will primarily be useful to dentists and dental clinics. You can use it when preparing materials for clients on proper dental care. You can also use the slides in this template when explaining caries to patients or to visualize the main elements of a tooth.

University professors can use this template when preparing courses on toothache or prosthetics. This template can also be used by pharmaceutical companies when developing an advertising campaign for a new drug for the treatment of toothache. For example, you could use the seventh slide and present the effect of your medication after taking it.

Dental Treatment Plan template contains all the necessary tools to create a professional and modern presentation. This template contains a lot of infographics and consists of 8 slides. Dental Treatment Plan template will complement your old presentations and will be a great addition to your collection of professional presentations.