Climate Change

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Climate, in its broadest sense, is the statistical description of the state of the climate system. Climate change is a change in the statistical properties of the climate system that persists for several decades or longer—usually at least 30 years. These statistical properties include averages, variability and extremes. Climate change may be due to natural processes, such as changes in the Sun’s radiation, volcanoes or internal variability in the climate system, or due to human influences such as changes in the composition of the atmosphere or land use.

Energy from the Sun is the ultimate driver of climate on Earth. The solar energy received by Earth depends on how much the Sun emits and the distance between Earth and the Sun. Part of this sunlight is reflected directly back to space by the atmosphere, clouds, and land, ice and water surfaces. Aerosols (tiny particles in the atmosphere, some coming from human activities) can increase the reflection of sunlight.

Global climate varies naturally over time scales from decades to thousands of years and longer. These natural variations can originate in two ways: from internal fluctuations that exchange energy, water and carbon between the atmosphere, oceans, land and ice, and from external influences on the climate system, including variations in the energy received from the sun and the effects of volcanic eruptions.

Human activities can also influence climate by changing concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, altering the concentrations of aerosols and altering the reflectivity of Earth’s surface by changing land cover.

Give an educational presentation on climate change and the risks and create awareness with our climate change PowerPoint presentation Template. Ideal for academic and professional presentations. The climate change template houses diverse designs and attractive layouts in each slide for high audience engagement.  The template allows your audience to acknowledge the impact of climate change.

This professional and sleek climate change template allows you to create fast and easy climate change PowerPoint presentation in less time. The infographic in the first slide tells how the sun affects and brings about a change in climate.

The presenter can use the second slide in the climate change template to talk about how pollution from human activities brings about a change in climate. Present data category in a graph chart with the fourth slide and give a visual interpretation of how each category ranks in regard to climate change.

This template will be useful to ecologists when preparing presentations on the theme of global warming or influence of industry on the environment. For example, you can use this pattern when preparing a presentation on the topic of the greenhouse effect. Also, this template will be useful when preparing for the Environmental Protection Conference.

Teachers of universities and school teachers can use this template in the preparation of ecology or natural science courses. Employees of research institutes can use this pattern in the preparation of the results of their research not the topic of climate change and its influence on agriculture. Startups can use the slides of this template when preparing for a meeting with investors. For example, you can prepare information about your new product that will help reduce harmful emissions and improving climate on Earth.

The template is 100% editable and customizable. In just a few minutes, you can scale graphics, remove/add content, change colors and make adjustments in the slides. Teachers, educationists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists can use the climate change template to create professional-looking slides on climate change. Climate Change template contains all the necessary tools for building a professional and stylish presentation. This template will be an excellent addition to your professional presentation collection.