Creative Decision Tree

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Each of us is faced with decision making in our lives. We often don’t know which of the many decisions is correct. How to find out and choose the only correct solution? A special method was developed to solve this problem. Purposefully built with alluring infographics and graphic designs, our creative decision trees are best for your organization’s strategic planning and decision-making procedures. Consisting of 4 slides, this creative decision tree template consists of unique patterns each with a different purpose. With doodles, dialogue boxes and graphical icons, the decision making can be made much simpler and straightforward in your meetings and presentations. Creative Decision Tree is designed in soft colors and will organically complement your presentations.

Let’s take a closer look at this pattern and determine its uses. The first slide is a 4-part decision tree. Starting from the research and planning, team’s tasks, results, and achievements, each having its doodle art and dialogue box to write a brief description. Such a decision tree is more preferable when it comes to market planning for the future. Using this slide, you can outline the milestones for achieving your goals over the years. For example, in the first year, you plan to purchase and commission the first bearing production line. In the second year, you plan to expand the capacity of your forging shop in order to automate production in the third year and double the production of bearings. The second slide is no different from the first one, however, much simplified yet sophisticated. It consists of 5 stages. The leaves represent every single stage from product use, sustainable manufacturing procedures, the possible outcomes and resources, industry growth and the ultimate market results. This slide can help you prepare for a strategy session or an investor meeting where you can talk about the different options for your strategy. Business coaches and university professors can also use this slide. The third and fourth slide, in addition to this information, also possess the detail of preferably statistics and acknowledgment of those stages among the professionals. These slides give you the opportunity to present your data in graphs. These slides can be used by environmentalists. For example, you can describe the steps to reduce harmful emissions in production. In the first year, it is planned to install a coarse filter. In the second year, it is planned to close the blast furnace and switch to electric smelting. You can also use this slide when discussing a technical assignment from a client for the development of a software product. You can display the stages and the impact of each of them on the project lead time.

These templates being completely customizable, remain used for decision making in Industrial Procedures, Corporate Sectors, as well as Educational Institutions. If necessary, you can edit the slide elements according to the standards of your corporate style. You can independently change the color and size of fonts, sizes of infographics. This template will be useful primarily for planning departments and risk managers. Also, this template can be used by heads of departments, investment companies and startups. This template will take its rightful place in your collection of presentation templates.