Rainbow Template

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4 Slides
File size: 16:9
Fonts: Lato, Calibri
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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

Are you planning to launch a new ad campaign soon? Almost finished preparing for the opening of a new beauty salon? Are you planning a corporate party in honor of the successful completion of the project? Especially for these purposes and other amazing events in your life and the life of your company, this stunning template was designed. Template slides immediately grab the audience’s attention and don’t let them go until the end of your talk. People will remember and discuss your presentation for a long time to come, share their positive impressions with friends and colleagues. What is it about this template that it passes through the audience like a hurricane and leaves all of them positive emotions? Everything is very simple. Template slides contain the whole gamut of bright and rich colors of the rainbow. Your competitors from another ad agency will wonder how you managed to run such an amazing ad campaign. Let’s open the secret of the Rainbow Template together.

The first slide immediately greets us with a bright and colorful block. Here you can enter the name of your product that you are promoting. For example, a new collection of clothes from a famous designer. The boxes on the right side of the presentation allow you to specify the start dates for your event. The slide can also be used to announce a sporting event or employee’s birthdays. The second slide is perfect for the start page of your advertising project or brochure. This slide can also be used to print flyers – bright colors will grab the attention of potential buyers. For example, indicate on a flyer about a makeup training or a webinar to create your own clothing style. Stylists, beauty salons, trainers, makeup artists will be happy to apply this template in their work. The third slide immediately evokes associations with a comet. The bright, stylish design creates the effect of movement and will be useful for marketing workers and advertising developers. The slide includes a small pie chart. You can also use this slide when showing a presentation to investors, launching a new product, or promoting home paints. School teachers can also prepare a presentation based on this template. The presentation will be interesting for children and will attract their attention with its bright colors. The last slide of the Rainbow Template is presented as a description of four business plans, each of which has a block with its own color. You can use this slide to describe the stages of an advertising campaign that you are planning to run in the near future. HR managers can use this slide to write a news block about company events.

A bright and colorful template should definitely be in your collection. This template will add vibrant colors to your presentations and add creativity to them that can help cheer up your audience. If necessary, you can change the placement of blocks and infographics or change the font sizes. Rainbow Template will be a worthy companion for all typography, advertising, marketing, and HR professionals. Add vibrant colors to your presentation!