Bear vs Bull Market

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This bear vs bull market comparison template is the perfect fit for describing the rising and receding trend in a stock market or simple business. Whether the number of buyers or the number of sellers is increasing or vice versa, it’s the best way to predict market trends and the future needs of the consumer. For the very reason, this template consists of 4 slides with distinctive purposes. It is completely editable so to better suit you need.

The first slide is a simple market evaluation. With graphical data sets and estimated 1-day revenue for a particular product for the estimation of demand and supply chain. The second slide is the future prediction of the market.  With statistical data and dialogue boxes consisting of green and red colors for bull and bear market trends respectively, it is to forecast where the buyer would be on the rise in the near future or there would be a decline in the sellers. The third slide is a decade long comparison of the markets to determine whether an industry remains bearish or bullish in terms of its growth over the course of time. The fourth slide is of the same concept however with the monthly comparisons and data sets.