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The meaning of health and safety in the workplace may seem too obvious to need explaining, but when it comes to health and safety, with all its legal ramifications, things are rarely as simple as they seem. Occupational health has been defined as’ enabling people to undertake their occupation in the way that causes least harm to their health. But according to the World Health Organization (WHO) this is too narrow, because health means much more a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The best reason for a business to look after the health of its employees and promote their wellbeing is that it can enhance productivity and loyalty. People with health problems are more likely to be absent from work, less productive when in work and more likely to leave. Some types of business are inherently more dangerous than others – mining and those involving the handling of explosives and noxious chemicals or working at height for example. But it’s impossible to run any kind of business without incurring some level of risk. As with health, employers are responsible for the physical safety of employees and anyone else who visits the workplace. Common sense measures include making sure that buildings and equipment are in good repair and that the relevant safety regulations are carefully followed. This is why a health & safety risk assessment is so essential for every organization. Companies are regularly prosecuted following accidents in the workplace. When the HSE reports on these prosecutions the same few mistakes constantly recur: failures to assess risks accurately and plan tasks correctly, neglecting to provide the right training and supervision. When it comes to avoiding health and safety problems, having the right procedures, systems and training in place is at least as important as the physical state of the premises and equipment.

The Health & Safety template is for preparing materials to reduce health risks and improve workplace safety. The first slide can be used by specialists from medical institutions, hospitals, laboratories. You can describe the basic medical procedures that employees need to follow. You can also use this slide to prepare a poster on quarantine compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The slide can be used in hospitals, schools and government offices. The next slide gives you an opportunity to display the percentage of the benefits of healthy workers. The slide can be used by HR or OSH specialists when introducing new employees to the company. The next slide will be useful for construction companies. You can provide instruction on the safe use of the equipment at the construction site. Also, this slide will be useful for briefing employees who work with dangerous goods. The last slide will be useful in preparing a report on the reduction of accidents in the enterprise. The slide will also be useful for safety instructors, foremen, shop supervisors. All slides in the template can be edited according to your needs.