HR Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation in HR means using technology to automate routine admin and processing. It means marshalling employee and workplace data in one database to create a single source of HR truth, then using powerful analytics tools to reveal insights and trends that can help shape the future workforce experience.

This transition is part of an overall move in many organisations from HR to People, in People Companies that know the critical importance of investing in their people and attracting and retaining the best, to drive business growth and success.

People Companies and their People Marketing teams have moved from working on manual policies and processes that deliver little strategic value to an insight-led, digitally enabled team that generates strong strategic value.

Many organisations have invested in leading HRMS technology to provide this capability. Using analytics, these organisations are able to make data-driven People decisions. They are able to access data and insights whenever they need them, to respond to continually changing business, workforce and market conditions.

Harnessing sophisticated digital analytics to drive HR decision-making – it means analysing it and finding solutions from it by modelling future scenarios and testing them. In Transformational HR, the ability to continually gather and monitor performance data and employee opinions using digital tools is key.

Pulse surveys, delivered on mobile devices, help People Companies to stay in touch with employee sentiment and reactions to initiatives and to understand how they can further improve employee experiences.

Make it easy for employees to manage their own records, preferences and admin. Provide information on demand through digital apps. Automate onboarding and induction so new employees feel included and valued, and can hit the ground running. This helps attract and retain talented employees and enables them to contribute their skills fully and creatively.

This template will primarily be useful for HR professionals. You can describe in detail the steps to go digital for work with employees. You can prepare a detailed plan and define responsible persons and deadlines for each stage.

This template can also be used by team leaders when recruiting a new team for a key project. University educators can use the slides in this template to prepare courses on digital in business or digital transformation in a company.

Business leaders can use the slides from this template when preparing a company strategy. Startups can also use the slides from this template in preparation for their investor meeting. For example, you might want to detail your new digital transformation product for your departments.

HR Digital Transformation template will be useful for HR managers, company executives, project managers, startup executives. All slides in this template have all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. You can customize colors, block sizes and infographics yourself. HR Digital Transformation Template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.