HR Operating Model

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Effective HR establishments are taking on an entirely new identity by means of using automation and streamlining activities in order for them to be able to focus on design, values, culture, leadership and productivity. This is not only HR specific but it gives companies insight into running their business functions more effectively and ensures that the focus is placed on the business as a whole. In order for any business to succeed and grow they need to adapt to changes in technology, customers, markets, workforce and the society in general. The role of a High Impact HR Operating Model is to take the role of HR to the next level of maturity and to optimize the entire HR function. The HR team will be turned into expert consultants as well as advisers that are close to the business. In addition, this type of model will increase the levels of expertise and innovation. Products and tools are used that deliver intelligence base outputs, support faster data retrieval and emphasis is placed on the entire business. The operating model links the vision of the business to the design of the organization and thus ultimately contributes to the company’s success. Businesses are likely to see immediate ROI. It is to be noted that the role of technology may transform the HR operating model as well as employee data management tools. Companies should place emphasis on adopting structured data management tools in a combination of automated transaction layers with a robust self-learning engine and in return use these strategic insights that have been formulated. HR will evolve faster than any business function when all three layers – technology, automation and intelligence – have been covered. Six steps of a High Impact HR Operating Model – create opportunities for sustainable business performance, start with the HR customer, evolve HR capabilities, digitize the workplace, own the data, get beyond structure.

HR Operating Model template will primarily be useful for HR managers. You can use this template when preparing your HR model. All slides in this template have all the necessary tools to build various HR Operating Models. You can use the template slides when preparing the triangle model for HR. You can also compare the main functions of Responsive and Resilient HR management models. Also, this template will be useful for business leaders when changing the company’s strategy in the context of COVID-19. Business coaches can use this template when preparing courses for HR managers. Team leaders can use this template when preparing changes in the work of team members. You can independently change the location, size and colour of blocks and infographics according to your corporate requirements. Also, the template will be useful when preparing a merger or acquisition of companies and changes in the strategy of personnel management. The HR Operating Model template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.