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Air force, military organization of a nation that is primarily responsible for the conduct of air warfare. The air force has the missions of gaining control of the air, supporting surface forces (as by bombing and strafing), and accomplishing strategic-bombing objectives. The basic weapon systems of air forces are such military airplanes as fighters, bombers, fighter-bombers, attack aircraft, reconnaissance craft, and training craft. Since the mid-20th century, the air forces of some of the world’s major powers have also operated those nations ’contingents of land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as of nuclear-armed long-range bombers. The army and naval branches of a nation’s armed forces may also operate aircraft, but the air force usually remains the prime instrument of a nation’s air power. The organization, command structure, and personnel grades within air forces vary from country to country. The armed forces of Great Britain, Germany, Israel, China, Russia, the United States, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have production of their own aircraft and the most powerful air forces. The air forces of most developed countries are currently based on fourth-generation aircraft. At the same time, the development of fifth generation aircraft is underway. The main tasks that are posed for the developers of new generation aircraft are: optimization for certain types of combat missions, reduced radar signature and high maneuverability at supersonic speeds.

The Air Force Template is primarily intended for use by military pilots. You can prepare a presentation on combat tactics. You can also use the template when teaching basic types of pilot interaction in flight. For example, you can describe flights in a pair and a flight. This template will also be useful for aviation units. For example, the template slides can be used by mechanics to train new soldiers in aircraft preflight training. Also, this template can be used by military universities when training pilots. For example, you can show different aircraft models and describe their performance characteristics such as speed, ceiling height, payload. Also, this template can be used when training aircraft designers. You can describe the main units and components of combat aircraft. Air defense units can also use this template in their daily work. This template can also be used when preparing a presentation for civilians to inform them about new fighters, bombers and how they interact with other branches of the military when repelling an enemy attack. This template can be used by an aviation museum. You can describe in detail the development of aircraft construction, including combat aircraft, and present on slides the most famous models of fighters and bombers of different time periods. If necessary, you can independently change the color and position of the blocks on the slide. Air Force Template will organically complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of military presentations.