Multiple Device Mockup

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4 Slides
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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

When preparing an advertising campaign or commercial proposal, you may need a Multiple Device Mockup. With this mockup, you can present your product more visually. This template consists of five modern and professional slides. The first slide contains a mockup of a TV, laptop, tablet, and phone. You can insert an image of your product and show the client how the product will look on the screen of various devices. This slide will be useful for developers of software products and mobile applications. You can show your team the site design that the team members need to do. The second slide allows you to describe the advantages of your product or new laptop model over the competition. The next slide is for the presentation of applications for iPhone users. This slide will be useful for startups when preparing their new product. You can prepare multiple prototype images so that investors can evaluate the functionality of your new application. The last two slides give you the opportunity to present new applications for smartwatches, laptop, and tablet.

Multiple Device Mockup template will be useful for marketers when preparing advertising campaigns for new applications. You can also use this template when training new employees to work with your enterprise application. You can easily edit this template and combine the arrangement of different devices according to your needs. You can use the slides from this template when preparing a presentation for a new website design or a new sales letter design. For example, you can demonstrate a responsive website design across devices.