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In the old days, a very long time ago, we did not have digital cameras, so we had to use light-sensitive silver salts coated on some support to make images, and the images often took a week to be developed at the corner drugstore. In the 1950s, Edwin Land was an inventor who had already made some money by making polarized filters and sunglasses – Polaroid was the name of his company. When his granddaughter was nonplussed by having to wait to see a photo he had just taken, Edwin designed a film which could be developed to produce a print in a couple minutes. The film was expensive, but for a few decades it was popular and widely used. Those were Polaroid photos. Many corner photos shops (that was before Amazon) took passport pictures on special Polaroid cameras with four lenses. Then Edwin died, digital cameras appeared, the Polaroid company folded, and now faux polaroid mostly lives in iPhone apps. Polaroid photography can now be taken on a smartphone using various applications. Such photographs differ from ordinary ones and immediately attract attention. You can write on the bottom of the photo and describe the location where the photo was taken and the date it was taken.

Polaroid Template consists of four modern and stylish slides. All slides in this template give you the opportunity to place some of your photos and give a short description for them. The first slide of this template will be useful when posting your vacation photos or weekend walks. Also, you can create your own mini gallery using this slide. The second slide gives you the opportunity to describe the various camera models that have taken Polaroid photographs. This slide can be useful in preparing information about the history of creation and release of various cameras. The third slide of this template will be helpful for novice photographers when preparing their photos for a local gallery. This template can also be used by travel agencies when preparing travel advertising materials for tourists. The last slide gives you the opportunity to present up to six of your photos. This template can be used by modelling agencies when preparing materials for the next fashion show. Also, this slide can be used by clothing stores when informing their customers about the arrival of new collections. HR managers can use the slides in this template to prepare stories about the company’s development. You can also use this template when preparing materials about the events of the current year. For example, you can post a photo of the opening of a new store, the arrival at the warehouse of the first batch of goods from a foreign supplier, holding a corporate party, presenting a prize for outstanding achievements in the company. If necessary, you can change the size, colour and position of the blocks according to your corporate requirements. Polaroid Template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.