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In today’s era of immediacy, consumers are more demanding than ever. To keep up with customer expectations, brands are increasingly investing in Voice of the Customer programs that employ a closed-loop process.

Strive to know your customers in and out and understand their expectations, preferences, and aversions.  Voice of customer is a market research technique that describes the unstated and stated customer requirements or needs. It is a process that captures the changing preferences of clients in time.

Voice of the Customer focuses on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement. Voice of the Customer programs have gained traction over the years and are fast-growing segments of a core business strategy for organizations. They work exceptionally well for brands as customers demand more direct engagement with a firm and because capturing and acting on customer feedback is critical to understanding a prospect’s complex decision-making process.

Customer perceived quality and above-average customer service have been proven time and again to be leading drivers of business success. When your customers share their voice in real-time with your organization, they expect you to listen, act and report back to them on progress.

To win the war on customer loyalty you must have a single line of sight into your customer, market, and employee groups. By focusing on the following six factors, you can successfully establish organization-wide customer centricity – Strong leadership, Vision and clarity, Engagement and collaboration, Listening and learning, Alignment and action.

If the organization and the customer are speaking the same language and define things in similar terms, you can reduce any misunderstandings. By understanding the Voice of the Customer, an organization may be able to do a better job for the customer than some competitors, thus picking up more business.

This voice of the customer template model all aspects of the voice of the customer process to enable the presenter to give a comprehensive and informative presentation that will enlighten and engage the audience.

The template contains 4 slides. The first slides can be used to highlight the different processes that the voice of customer encompasses. Show the rated performance of the voice of customer methodology with the infographic and progress bars in the second slide. With the third and fourth slides,  you can elaborate on the voice of customer process and all the interaction involved.

This template will be useful for marketers when preparing a company’s marketing strategy. This template will also be useful for sales managers to get feedback from a customer after a product has been sold. Online stores can use the slides of this template to prepare an analysis of the information received from the customer after the purchase.

Social media professionals can use this template when preparing posts or customer satisfaction reports received from various social networks. Also, this template will be useful for startups when preparing information on product quality improvement based on customer feedback.

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