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Why are more and more entrepreneurs choosing the Lean Canvas approach or Business Model Canvas over writing a traditional business plan? There are six reasons in particular – intuitive, universal, different, simple, practical, actionable. All the boxes on the canvas are intuitive and easy to understand, and that you don’t need a business degree or a PhD to fill one out. A typical Lean Canvas consists of the following fields – problem, solution, key metrics, unique value proposition, unfair advantage, channels, customer segments, cost structure, and revenue streams. This template can be used by anyone in the company, from financial analysts and planners to engineers and project managers. Now you don’t need to write a long business plan, but you can present your ideas on one page. Many startups use this technology to convey the value of their project to investors.

Let’s take a closer look at what this template consists of. Our Lean Canvas Template consists of four slides, each of which allow you to present all the information that investors need on one page. You can describe the advantages of your project, its strengths, potential markets, client problems, and their solution. Part of the slide is intended to describe possible risks and ways to reduce their impact on the project. Team leaders, entrepreneurs, new product developers, here is a partial list of those who will be interested in this template. The second slide completely repeats a typical Lean Canvas and has the same block arrangement. You can change the sequence of information in blocks at your discretion. Having a lot of infographics on this slide makes the information intuitive and makes it easier for the audience to perceive it. This slide can be used when planning a project. Each member of your team will understand which process follows next and which processes are running in parallel. The third and fourth are blocks in the form of tables. This gives you the ability to highlight the key points of your project and provide a short description under each one. You can use these slides when drawing up a weekly work plan and setting tasks for employees. Slides will be useful for those who want to structure their current tasks and plans.

With just a few colors and stylish icons, this presentation looks professional. You can change the size of fonts and icons, the color of the text and infographics at your discretion. The template’s versatility allows you to apply it to your other projects. Combining different slides will add some freshness to your old presentation. For example, when analyzing the strengths of a product, describing the key stages of a project, setting tasks for employees. Many entrepreneurs around the world are enjoying the benefits of presenting information using the lean canvas methodology. One-page plan presentation, intuitive design, and ease of use are the main advantages of this method. This professional lean canvas template will be useful not only for startup teams and investors, but for engineers, architects, and specialists from other fields who want to convey their ideas for improving the processes in the company.