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A fact sheet provides readers from your target audience with compelling information in a clear and concise format. A fact sheet can be presented on a piece of paper or digitally, and it informs people about a business, organization, product, service, campaign, event, or another topic. Generally, a fact sheet should centre around one issue and be no more than one page with a clean, easy-to-read layout. If you have never created one before, then you can follow some of the general guidelines below. The information you include in a fact sheet will differ depending on its subject and its intended audience. However, most fact sheets should contain the following content – headline, summary of most important information, bullet point list of supporting facts, call to action, sources or attributions, where to go for more information. In addition to the content, an effective fact sheet should also have design elements that help engage the audience and clearly present the information. These can take the form of charts and graphs with useful information or a compelling image that will catch your audience’s attention. When you create a fact sheet, you only have one page to communicate important information. To catch your readers’ attention and make it easy for them to understand your message, your facts should be carefully selected and presented in a logical order. A good structure to follow is journalism’s inverted pyramid, which orders information from most important to least important. That way, even if readers do not get to the end of the fact sheet, they are more likely to have seen the key information that you want to communicate. Start with a headline that summarizes the main takeaway of the fact sheet. Next, use a combination of facts, charts, and graphs to communicate vital statistics about your business, product, or initiative. These facts should be attention-grabbing, surprising, and focused on your customers. Finally, end your fact sheet with a compelling call to action, such as a freebie, introductory offer, discount, or an invitation to learn more or get involved.

The Fact Sheet template consists of four professional slides in a vibrant colour scheme. This template has a lot of infographics, tables and charts. This template can be used by startups in preparation for meeting with investors. Also, this template can be used when preparing a business plan. Financiers and accountants can use the slides in this template when preparing the quarterly report. For example, you can display the key performance indicators of a company and provide a link to a more detailed version of the document. This template will also be useful for marketers and advertising specialists. Department leaders can use this template for a weekly summary. Project managers and team leaders can use this template when preparing the results of weekly streams. All elements of this template are easily editable, which allows you to use this template with your other presentations.