Talking Points

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Talking points are often used to prepare for a public speech or an interview. By crafting your own talking points, you can feel more comfortable talking in front of others or answering questions from the media or the public.

Consider why you are speaking to your audience and identify the purpose of your speech or interview. Is your main mission to convince a committee to support your policy or a change to an existing policy? Is your main message to tell an audience of students about your experiences in a foreign country? Are you giving an interview to a local newspaper about a local issue or to promote a product? Focusing on the main purpose of your talk will then help you create the rest of your talking points.

You can develop your message by thinking about emotion, or what you want your audience to feel, contrast or how your message is different than the message of others, connection, or why your audience should care about what you are saying, and credibility, or why your audience should believe what you say.

Once you have identified your main message, you can then create two to three main talking points to support your main message. You will then use these main points to develop supporting arguments or examples to ensure your main message is well supported. 

You should use examples that are personal and impactful, with the strongest examples listed first. Your talk should not only identify a main message or problem; it should also give your audience several ways to solve or address the main message or problem.

Organize your talking points in a bulleted list, with your main message or mission stated at the top of the list and your main talking points placed below, with the strongest point listed first. You should also include one to two supporting arguments within your main talking points.

This template will be useful for business leaders in preparation for a strategic session with shareholders. You can use the slides in this template to prepare the main themes of your talk or key strategy definitions. Also, this template can be used by CEOs of startups in preparation for meeting with investors.

Business trainers can use the slides from this template when preparing program information for courses or webinars. Team leaders can use this template when preparing information on the main topics of the weekly sprints. Department leaders can use the slides in this template to prepare information about a planned department meeting.

Talking Points is a professional and modern template that contains four stylish and fully editable slides. The template is designed in a warm color scheme and contains a lot of infographics. If necessary, you can change all the elements of the slide in accordance with your corporate requirements. This template will be useful for company executives, department heads, financiers and economist. The Talking Points template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.