Strategic Vision Template

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Your vision and strategy are the anchors of your company. The success of your business – no matter what industry – depends on having a strategic vision that employees and stakeholders can get behind. At the same time, a thorough strategic plan will provide a clear roadmap for accomplishing specific goals, gaining team buy-in, and staying within your budget.

The contents of this vision statement template bundle includes an impactful vision statement, mission statement, business goals and strategies. Ideal for executives, strategic planners and team leads, you can use this template to align the goals of your department, provide clear communication to team members and stakeholders, and clearly define your vision and mission.

This colorful strategic vision PowerPoint has five varieties of design, featuring iconography, 3D shapes, data points, background imagery and text call-outs. Each slide and visual can be customized. This PowerPoint template not only gives the presenter the opportunity to hold the audience’s attention, but also inspire them.