Sprint Planning

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Sprint planning is an event in scrum that marks the start of a sprint. Planning determines the amount of work for the sprint and how that work will be done. Sprint planning is done with the assistance of the entire scrum team.

In Scrum, a sprint is a fixed amount of time in which all work is done. But before you can take action, your sprint needs to be planned. It is necessary to determine the duration and purpose of the sprint, as well as the starting point of the work. At the sprint planning meeting, the range of main tasks and the vector of the sprint development are determined. If the meeting is handled correctly, the team leaves the meeting motivated, charged with ambitious goals, and focused on success. Poor sprint plans can lead a team to a standstill if unrealistic expectations are presented.

The Product Owner sets the primary objective or goal for the sprint and explains which backlog tasks need to be completed to achieve that goal. The scrum team decides what to accomplish in the upcoming sprint and what needs to be done during the sprint.

The development team draws up a plan of work that needs to be done to achieve the sprint goal. The final sprint plan is agreed between the development team and the product owner in terms of value created and effort expended.

Sprint planning is impossible without the involvement of the product owner and the development team. The product owner sets a goal that depends on the desired value.

The Product Backlog is a great starting point for sprint planning, as much of it can be incorporated into the current sprint. The team should also analyze the current work that it is doing in the increment and evaluate its own capabilities.

The most important thing a team can leave a sprint planning meeting with is understanding what needs to be achieved in the sprint and how to start moving towards that goal. This can be illustrated using the Sprint Backlog.

When planning a sprint, you need to at least roughly estimate the complexity of the work. The team must understand what can be done in the sprint, and also weigh the expected effort against its capabilities.

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This template will be primarily useful for development teams in preparation for weekly sprints and with product owners. You can describe in detail what needs to be done by the team, present user stories and estimate the complexity of the work for each task. This template will also be useful for product managers when monitoring the progress of work on a mobile application. Project managers can also use this template when preparing for a meeting on a new project or keeping track of the due dates of projects that are already in progress.

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