Sprint Planning

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Product details

Present how to manage the backlog item with sprint planning template. Sprint planning is a type of planning that involves the team making decisions on the product backlog items to be worked upon during a sprint. 

In sprint planning, the team tends to discuss to plan they have come up with for completing the product backlog items having gone through certain steps. With our professionally, ready-made sprint planning template for PowerPoint presentation, you can effectively talk about sprint planning and all that is involved.

Our professionally designed sprint planning template is composed of 4 slides with stunning graphics and visually engaging layout. The slides show the flow of continuous events in the sprint, timeline of sprints, and allows the users to compare sprints.

The scrum-based sprint planning template is fully customizable and editable. Colors, texts, and icons can be modified to suit user requirements. It is great for academic and professional settings. Ideal for project managers, team leads, strategic planners, process managers, etc… Impress your audiences and effectively convey your message with our pre-designed Sprint Planning PowerPoint Template.