Strategic Account Planning

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Arguably one of the most underrated elements of enterprise sales is account planning. It takes time, energy, and focus away from other mid-funnel opportunities that require significant resource investment. However, even though strategic account planning sessions are viewed by the sales organization as helpful and important, they simply do not happen often enough. Strategic account planning is all about developing new ideas on how to grow your account in terms of customer satisfaction, loyalty, revenue, and margin. The goal is to create a plan that will help the account team successfully implement the shared accounts strategy. Strategic planning allows you to build long-term client relationships. A customer will buy your product not only because of its physical properties, but also because of your attitude to the customer, and the services you provide with that product. Strategic Account Planning provides you with all the tools you need for strategic planning. This template will be useful for sales and planning professionals, team leaders, startups.

The Strategic Account Planning template is made up of great and varied infographics. The template is made in accordance with the trends in modern design. The first slide has a great infographic on the right side of the slide. This symbolizes success and immediately sets the audience up for a positive perception of your report. On the left side of the slide, you can display the four key stages of Strategic Account Planning – potential revenue, area of ​​dominance, primary competition, opportunity areas. The second slide gives you the opportunity to divide your proposals into two categories and describe them on the left side of the slide. For example, you might categorize your cost-cutting proposals in the first category, and your sales promotion activities in the second category. The slide will be useful for economists and specialists of the planning department of the company. The next slide, thanks to the stylish layout of the infographics, creates the illusion of a staircase that leads up – to success. This is where you describe your suggestions for achieving profit growth. The slide can be used by HR managers when presenting career opportunities in the company or when preparing the success story of the best employee. Coaches can also use the slide in their success training. The fourth slide of the template is a timeline with activities built on it. The slide can be used when preparing startups, investment projects, or projects with sequential execution of tasks.

Strategic Account Planning is a modern and professional template. Having a lot of infographics will allow you to create new slides for your presentation. You can change the sizes and colors of infographics and fonts yourself. You can use ready-made slides or some individual elements to give a modern look to your old presentations. By using the Strategic Account Planning template to build your report, your audience will immediately appreciate your work as a professional.