Business Timeline

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Take pride in telling the story of your business, its growth and origination. This business timeline template is often used by both startups and established enterprises to communicate growth and progress over the years. This template is ideal when presenting to investors, employees, board members and shareholders.

Business Timeline Template is designed in a modern style and has all the necessary tools to prepare your company’s history. The first slide presents you with an opportunity to share your company’s achievements. You can inform your audience about your company’s key projects and future plans. Also, this slide can be used to familiarize yourself with the main topics that will be covered in your presentation. You can also use this slide to prepare a successful story about your new company director. What projects he has implemented throughout his career, in which companies and what positions he held before heading your company. The second slide can be used to create a roadmap for the project. You can also use it when preparing to discuss the main terms of the contract with the client. This slide will be useful for team leaders, project managers, department heads. You can use it to set weekly tasks for your employees. This slide will also be useful for research centers and scientific institutes. You can talk about your laboratory research in various fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, and others. The next slide is shown as a vertical timeline. This gives you the ability to split your presentation slide into two equal parts. You can use this slide to describe the story of the successful completion of the project. For example, a construction company might use this slide to prepare a presentation about the completion of a large complex or a modern hospital. You can also inform your audience about your strategic plans for the next few years, identify specific projects that you plan to complete. The last slide can be used by HR managers when preparing information about the company, its main achievements, development plans. This information will be very important for new employees of the company, which will help them to quickly understand the corporate rules and work standards. This slide can also be used in their work by start-up teams who can present their successfully implemented projects to investors.

Available in five design variations, this PowerPoint template presents horizontal and vertical timelines containing milestones, illustrations, data visualizations and text descriptions. This presentation is useful for demonstrating history review such as, company’s performance or growth. It can help display the breakthrough elements of company, project or forecast where the company is headed. The template can be modified to match your brand aesthetic. The colors, text and shapes are customizable and editable. The template will perfectly complement any of your presentation about the success of the company or the outstanding achievements of an employee.