Construction Schedule

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No matter if you are an experienced contractor or project manager or a newbie, construction projects are never easy. With many moving parts – people, equipment, raw materials, and more – problems are bound to occur. If any project needs a well-thought-out execution plan and carefully mapped schedule, it is a construction project. Any construction project begins when its owner identifies a need for a new building or civic improvement and concludes when the construction is completed and approved by proper authorities. During the project execution time, the project is guided by a construction schedule. A construction schedule is an entire blueprint of how a project will be executed and by when. A construction schedule outlines project timeframes and milestones and tracks project progress to keep everything on-time and on-budget. It is the backbone of any thriving project management for construction. A construction schedule includes – project deliverables, resource management, asset allocations, tasks required to finish construction, dependencies between different tasks, construction deadlines and task durations, budget, and cost of involved parts. Construction schedules are periodically assessed by project managers to make sure that the construction is going as plan and will be completed within the set timeframe. Even though creating a construction schedule can be time-consuming, it can significantly help you avoid issues, give you a sense of direction, and enable you to manage project resources. Coordinating all tasks and personnel can be a tough job, and without a plan in place, it could become impossible. Schedules help track, communicate, and report progress for a particular project, keeping all stakeholders in the loop. Working with limited resources means managing them properly is important. Without proper resource management, work can’t be done efficiently which could eventually lead to decreased productivity and increased discontent amongst employees. A construction schedule allows managers to allocate labour, equipment, and materials properly, making sure there’s minimum downtime. Proper project planning and scheduling can accurately predict budget estimates. This can help keep the project within the set monetary limits, keeping both the manager and the client happy. Managing and allocating resources prior to project execution helps ensure that the right materials and equipment are used, maintaining quality throughout the project lifecycle.

The Construction Schedule template consists of four slides, each with a vibrant colour scheme. The first slide of this template can be used as the content of your construction project presentation to a client. This template will be useful for construction companies and architectural firms. You can use the second slide of this template to provide a complete project progress report. You can specify the number of hours worked, the cost of materials, taxes, and other costs. Also, this template will be useful for project managers. All elements of the template are easy to edit, which allows you to use the slides of this template with your other presentations. The Construction Schedule template will be a great addition to your collection of professional slides.