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When you start planning an event, one of the first things you should do is figure out your event planning timeline. It is important to outline the months and weeks leading up to the big day. This way, you will be sure to meet important deadlines, stay within budget, and coordinate multiple parties smoothly. Event timelines are often used for project management. Because event planning is a lot like project managing, it makes sense that planners use event timelines all the time. A long-term event planning timeline refers to a chronological series of events and actions that take place over a period of time. That period of time, in the event planning world, is often six to twelve months total. Six months might be a long timeline for relatively simple events. Twelve months might be appropriate for a large-scale event with thousands of attendees. Most event planners find that a long-term event planning timeline helps make sure each and every task is accounted for and completed well in advance of the actual event. Long-term event planning timelines have even more benefits than the ones we have already pointed out. Here are some other ways this master planning guide can help. You can get on the same page with vendors and caterers well in advance. This way, they know what to do when they arrive at the event. It takes careful planning to pay deposits on time and keep track of contracts. A long-term event planning timeline can help you keep track of these details. Key stakeholders can approve or tweak event planning decisions with plenty of time left over to make alterations. This will keep investors, sponsors, and partners happy throughout the entire process. There is really no end to the benefits of organizational tools like timelines. Events like seminars, multi-day workshops, and weddings require six months or more of preparation. If you are planning something relatively smaller, like a corporate meeting, you might not need six months. But the extra time will give you the opportunity to plan trickier items like travel arrangements.

The Event Timeline Template consists of four slides in a vibrant color scheme and modern infographics. The first slide gives you the opportunity to split the project into several blocks from one to twelve months. In each part, you can indicate the main goals, project participants, KPIs. This slide will be useful for the planning department. Also, executive assistants can use this slide when planning a meeting with their boss. The next slide can be used by HR managers. For example, you can prepare a company history and indicate significant events for the company. The third slide is useful for executives when planning their weekly and daily meetings. You will be able to display on a slide meeting with clients, discussing projects with the team. If necessary, you can edit all of the slides in the template according to your corporate requirements.