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The project timeline is the beating heart of every project. It captures the essence of what the project will accomplish and how it will be done. Knowing how to create a project timeline is one of the most essential skills a project manager needs to develop in the early stages of his or her career. Building comprehensive, accurate timelines will help you get every project off on the right foot. The size and structure of a project timeline naturally depends on the project it is describing. A project timeline can be highly detailed, with hundreds of tasks and subtasks, or very simple, listing only a few deliverables and deadlines. Regardless of how it is constructed, a project timeline needs to capture the following key pieces of information – the list of tasks to be completed, the dates on which the tasks need to be complete, the expected duration of each task, dependencies between tasks. Project timelines can take many forms, but the standard format for decades has been the Gantt chart. A Gantt chart timeline provides an easy-to-grasp visual depiction of the project, using horizontal bars to represent the duration of each task in the project. When all the tasks, sub-tasks, deadlines and resource requirements have been defined, the project manager completes the timeline and distributes it to the individual members of the project team. More often than not, the timeline will be revised several times over the life of a project, as priorities change and new requirements are added to the scope.

Project Timeline Template will be primarily useful for project managers and specialists in the planning department. The first slide of the template is presented as a slightly modified Gantt chart. You can display on a slide an action plan for your three development teams. Some of the processes can take place in parallel, and the other part sequentially. Only with data visualization will it be clear how the teams interact with each other and the risks when one of the teams lags behind the work schedule. This slide can also be used by construction organizations when planning supplies and works for their contractors. The second and third slides of this template have a similar block layout. These slides can be used when setting long-term company goals. For example, a new director of a company might use this slide to prepare the company’s strategic plans for shareholders. The last slide can be used for the initial presentation of your plans. This slide will present your information in a concise manner and grab the audience’s attention with its large infographic.

All template slides can be used with our other templates. You will be able to independently customize the color, size and type of font on each slide. Project Timeline Template will also be useful for university teachers and business trainers. Also, the slides of this template can be used by logistics managers when building a presentation on the topic of the supply chain.