Rocket Timeline

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Product details

A rocket taking off has always been associated with success and speed in people. Show business growth, momentum and new launches with this fun and visually-engaging template. Available in four different design varieties, this template shows interconnected themes through its puzzle format. Colorful options, text callouts and highlighted data points, this PowerPoint design is optimal for presenters who want to express a thriving business and energize employees about a new business venture.

The first slide is a timeline with a rocket taking off. This slide can be used when preparing an action plan for starting a new business. This slide will be useful for startup teams and investment companies. You can also use it when preparing a report on the outstanding actions of company employees. The slide will also be useful for sales managers when preparing a sales plan for the next year. You can indicate major customers, new sales markets, which will help you fulfill your ambitious plan and bring huge profits for your company. The second slide can be used in preparing the history of the company. For example, you can list the key points of your business development for each year. The continued take-off of the rocket will symbolize the further development of the company. This slide will be useful for the heads of departments in preparation for the meeting with the director of the company. The next slide can be used by business coaches to prepare a course on leadership or success. You can indicate specific steps to achieve outstanding business or self-development results. The next slide is a roadmap with a rocket taking off. You can use this slide when preparing a report on the production of a new product and indicate the possible risks that will accompany its launch into production. You can also use this slide to take stock of a completed project. Team leaders can use it to inspire employees to achieve new things or to sort out mistakes that were hindering a project. The last slide can be used by advertising managers to show the success of the future advertising campaign and to show the main distribution channels for advertising. Also, this slide can be used by financial analysts when preparing an analysis of possible ways of investing company funds. Also, directors of the company can use this slide when preparing the company’s development goals for the next year. You can indicate here the main goals such as increasing the sales market, reducing production costs, reducing shipping costs, which will lead to the development of the company.

Ideal for executive presentations, investor pitches and sales meetings, this rocket puzzle illustration shows interconnectivity through color-coded themes and messaging. The organization and structure of this diagram is generic for all industries to use and easily customizable to make it relevant to your niche business needs. Use this eye-catching template to present to product development teams, design teams, business intelligence teams and more. Rocket Timeline Template will be a worthy addition to your presentation collection.