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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

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If you serve in the army and are somehow connected with the army side of life, then you may need a presentation for the military. What is such a presentation and in what cases is it advisable to use it? Perhaps your company supplies products for the military. In this case, you need to show the advantages of your product over other suppliers. To do this, you need to apply a special template, which is stylized for a military theme. This approach allows you to grab the attention of the military and convince them to make a purchase from your company. You may also need this type of presentation when preparing reports for your colonel or even general. You may be required to provide information on the defenses of a potential enemy, its main fortifications, the number of air defenses, tanks and artillery. Presentations of this kind have their own unique infographics and background images. When preparing curriculum for cadets, teachers of military academies also use presentations. Maps, various designations of combat arms and communication lines help to explain the famous battles of past years to the cadets in an accessible form. Let’s take a look at the Military Powerpoint Template? Which has been specially designed to prepare presentations for the military sector.

This template has four stylized slides. The first slide consists of four blocks, each with its own silhouette of a soldier and a short description. You can use this slide when preparing a training course on combat arms, tactical combat. You can also use this slide to provide information on role interactions between platoon soldiers. The second slide gives you the opportunity to define comparisons between different elements. For example, you can compare the firepower of a platoon of an infantry unit to that of a grenadier unit. You can also use this slide when comparing different models of tanks, aircraft or frigates. The next slide gives you the opportunity to describe the main aspects of the planned training operation and assign roles in its implementation. You can also use this slide when preparing information about the stages of past combat operations. The last slide can be used to prepare your analytical information on the aviation forces of various countries. You can also indicate on this slide the main stages of development or outstanding achievements of recent years in this area.

Military Powerpoint Template has all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. You can change the size, color and position of any element on the slide yourself. Stylish design and thematic infographics immediately grab the audience’s attention. This template will be useful for unit commanders and staff officers in their daily work. Also, this template can be useful for teachers of military institutes when training military specialists. Military Powerpoint Template will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.