What If Analysis

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4 Slides
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If you are looking for a presentation template to create and present a dynamic and informative ‘What If Analysis’, then look no further, as this powerslide template will do the work for you! 

This visually appealing template contains four slides, each of which is editable and can be cut and pasted into your own presentation or used as a complete set to illustrate different approaches to analysis: the first slide presents two separate scenario funnel diagrams, each representing its own set of choices and respective outcomes; the second slide contains an organogram which presents the overall challenge the business is facing and aligns the risk proportion of the various choices and its subsequent consequences; the third slide compares the different options in a table format, and finally, the fourth slide presents a comparative analysis in a circle chart. 

The combination of infographics and text in this ‘What If Analysis’ creates a powerful combo which will appeal to all audiences as it is both visual and content-specific. 

The colour combination of graphics and text is very effective but can be changed to reflect your company’s own branding. This set can be used internally or to present to external stakeholders.