Research Planning

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You have probably often come across the fact that after coming home from the supermarket, you find that you forgot to buy some groceries. So that the next time the situation does not repeat itself, you make a detailed shopping list. When preparing to research an important topic, be it in the field of marketing or scientific research, it is important to draw up a research plan. It is very important to plan research. You can’t undertake effective research without planning the process and setting yourself clear objectives. The research process has nine stages – Write a Research Brief, Define The Issue, Set Research Objectives, Research Proposal and Plan of Work, Collection of Data, Analysis and Evaluation of Data, Presentation Of Findings, Evaluation of Research, Conclusion. In the first step, you inform what you will research. Then you need to identify the problems that prompted you to do this research. The next stage of the research will be the setting of specific goals and objectives of the research. Next, you present your work plan and indicate the preliminary time frame for each stage. Collecting data and defining methods for collecting data will be your next step. After collecting data, you can analyse it and deduce patterns or dependencies. In the final stages, you will present the data in the form of tables, graphs or charts so that your audience can easily understand your presentation. When developing a research plan, you must also consider the possibility of using various innovative technologies that will help you analyse the data and eliminate the possibility of error due to human error.

The Research Planning template contains four professional slides in a cool colour scheme. All slides in this template have the necessary tools to build a professional presentation. You can present the objectives of your research and give a brief description. The first slide of this template gives you the opportunity to present up to eight steps of your research plan. This slide can also be used by engineers when describing sequential actions in the operation of equipment. The slides of this template can be useful for researchers when preparing studies in various fields of science. Marketers and salespeople can use the slides from this template when preparing market research and competitor plan. Also, this template can be used by students in the preparation of term papers and theses. The slides of this template will also be useful for research institutes and laboratory workers. Medical professionals can use this template when preparing research on various diseases or developing new treatments. Also, this template can be used when preparing a sample research paper plan for obtaining a grant. If necessary, you can independently edit the Research Planning template according to your needs. This template will be a worthy addition to your presentation collection.