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We all love to participate in all sorts of quizzes. But why do we like to participate in them, what attracts us in this process? Of course, one of the main reasons is to show your erudition and quick reaction. We enjoy participating in quizzes with a lot of relatively easy questions. Question – answer, question – answer … Companies often need to conduct similar quizzes. For example, you need to ask a client a few simple questions about a project at an early stage. Of course, you can email them to him. But you must admit that it will be much more pleasant for the client to receive them in the form of a colorful presentation. You can prepare multiple choice questions and send this sample presentation to each client prior to meeting them. This will save the client’s time (he will be able to answer at a convenient time for him) and the time of your employees (before the meeting, they will already know the client’s needs). Also, this form of communication at the initial stage will be useful to HR managers. You can prepare your sample presentation to help you gather information about a potential candidate. The question-answer model is often used in various projects related to the construction of machine algorithms and programming mobile applications.

The Question & Answer template is modern in style and uses a two-color scheme. This template has four slides, each with its own unique infographic. The first slide can be used when preparing for a quiz among company employees. For example, you might prepare ten question slides. Participants will compete in their erudition and the smartest and fastest will go to the finals. The next slide will be useful when preparing a survey blitz with a lot of questions. The slide will be useful for HR managers when preparing various corporate events and quizzes. The next slide can be used at the initial stage of recruiting candidates for a vacant position. For example, you might submit multiple question slides and ask potential candidates to fill in the blank answer boxes. This way you can save your time and the time of the candidates. After checking the answers, you will invite the most suitable candidates for this position for an interview. Also, this slide can be used when preparing materials for improving the skills of employees or consolidating materials on a topic covered. This slide will be useful for business trainers and university teachers. This template will be useful for marketers when conducting consumer surveys on the main characteristics of a product. Also, the slides of this template can be used when conducting social surveys on various topics of concern to the public. If necessary, you can change the size, color and position of the blocks. The Question & Answer template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.