Force Field Analysis

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Analyze the pressures for and against a change or a decision with this Force field analysis template that you can use to make awesome presentations on force field analysis. Force field analysis is a decision-making technique that helps analyze the forces that drive or restrain change.

Force Field Analysis was created by Kurt Lewin in the 1940s. Lewin originally used it in his work as a social psychologist. Today, however, it is also used in business, for making and communicating go/no-go decisions.

The idea behind Force Field Analysis is that situations are maintained by an equilibrium between forces that drive change and others that resist change. For change to happen, the driving forces must be strengthened or the resisting forces weakened.

Conduct a force field analysis through the following steps. Brainstorm all possible forces inside and outside the organization that could work for or against the solution. Assess the strength of each of the forces. Place the forces in a force field diagram, with the length of each arrow in the diagram proportional to the strength of the force it represents. For each force, but especially the stronger ones, discuss how to increase the forces for the change and reduce those against it.

Action plans of driving forces and restraining forces can be presented in the first slide of the presentation. The second slide gives comparatively measure the driving forces against the restraining forces. The text placeholders are all customizable. The template is ideal for presentations regarding change management or organizational development.

Our ready-made force field analysis template helps you put together a conclusive template forces for and against change in your company. Ideal for process management, change management, organizational development, etc. Used by financial analysts, team leads, strategic planners change manager, business process manager, business analysts, etc.

Team leaders can use this template when preparing to meet with team members for weekly sprints. You can describe in detail what helped to complete the tasks faster and what is necessary for the successful completion of the project. Analysts can use this template when preparing a cause and effect analysis.

Sales managers and marketers can describe in detail the reasons that are holding back the sale of products in a new market and the steps that need to be taken to increase sales. Medical professionals can use the slides of this template when preparing a patient diagnosis. For example, you can describe in detail the reasons that led to the deterioration of the patient’s health and indicate measures that will eliminate the negative effect and increase the patient’s immunity.

Public relations professionals can use the slides in this template to prepare information on the campaign of a candidate. You can describe in detail what the reasons are preventing the overwhelming majority of votes and provide measures to eliminate these reasons.

University professors and business coaches can use the slides in this template to prepare courses on causation or objection handling. Engineers can use the slides in this template to prepare information about the implementation of a new workflow that will help improve plant efficiency and activities that will help accelerate the launch of a new technology.

The template is 100% editable and customizable as per your requirements. You can modify color, text, resize icons and shapes to suit your preference. Impress your audience with this professional and 100% editable force field analysis PowerPoint template.