Lessons Learned

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Lessons learned is the knowledge gained from the process of conducting a project. This includes positives and negatives. The idea is to repeat the positives aspects and not repeat the mistakes. Most project managers understand the importance of lessons learned on current and future projects. Capturing and regularly updating the lessons learned can keep the project on track. In the long run, it can also help continually improve how organizations execute projects. The lessons learned process involves 5 steps with activities that will capture and use lessons learned. The steps are: identify, document, analyze, store, retrieve.

The Lessons Learned template is primarily intended for project managers, but can also be used by professionals in other fields. The first slide of this template invites us to describe a sequence of actions that will help make the project better. At the first stage, hypotheses are discussed, then experimentation and ultimately implementation. This slide can be used to prepare the interaction of various departments of the company when working on one project. The closed-loop shown in the slide shows that experimentation can be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved. This slide can be used by research organizations, laboratories, development departments of the company when preparing a report on their research. The second slide is presented in the form of a table, which is a structured way that represents the process of working on a project while making the only correct decision. This slide will be useful for a scrum master when they conduct sprints with the development team and the product owner. The next slide provides an opportunity to describe the main events that occur in the project, give recommendations, and take actions that will take into account previous mistakes. The slide can be used when drawing up instructions for operating equipment or working on a machine with repetitive operations. This slide can be used by occupational safety specialists when drawing up safety rules for working with equipment. This slide will also be useful for business trainers when preparing courses. The last slide is presented in four stylish blocks. Here you can also describe the necessary measures to improve the project. You can also use this slide when preparing a presentation about a new product, describing the advantages of the product over its competitors.

The Lessons Learned template is made in soft colors, but you can change the colors to cool ones or those that are your corporate colors. The template will be useful when preparing instructions, rules, describing repetitive processes. You can also use this template when analyzing negative results that led to increased costs or termination of the contract. These slides can be used by team leaders in their daily or weekly meetings. Lessons Learned template is easy to use and does not require deep knowledge of PowerPoint. You can by himself change the sizes of fonts and blocks, and change their position on the slide. Be sure to complement your collection with this modern and stylish template.