SOAR Analysis

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A SOAR Analysis helps organisations to focus on their current strengths and future vision for the benefit of developing strategic goals. This makes it a strategic planning method that helps organisations focus on their future ambitions. This makes it into a strategic planning method that helps organisations focus on their future ambitions and the result these ambitions will yield. This strategic model is an acronym of Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results.

Both existing and new organisations can make good use of this type of analysis. It works for everyone within an organisation, irrespective of position or hierarchical level. It can also be aimed at both the internal target groups (employees) and external target groups (stakeholders). A SOAR Analysis is also useful for organisations that strive for breakthroughs, wish to improve their skills or focus on other development plans.

A SOAR analysis closely resembles a SWOT Analysis, where an internal analysis of the organisations strengths and weaknesses first takes place. SWOT and SOAR are two popular strategy tools. Subsequently, the SWOT Analysis looks at external challenges and opportunities of and threats to the organisation.

A SOAR Analysis, however, is more action oriented than a SWOT and is aimed at results. SOAR focuses all levels and functional areas of an organisation, while SWOT usually adopts a top-down approach. This analysis focuses on the organisation itself and on improving what is already going well. 

Contrary to the SWOT Analysis, this model uses appreciative research to direct the company towards what is already known. As such, the output of a SOAR contains a series of actions that capitalise on the strengths and opportunities.

A SOAR Analysis is a powerful tool for uniting stakeholders. This is crucial to recognise the organisations potential and create a shared vision of the future. Building on an organisation’s strength requires fewer effort and resources than attempting to correct weaknesses.

Moreover, this analysis creates support within an organisation as it involves representatives in each level of the organisation. Opening communication leads to input on strategy and strategic planning. In doing so, resistance against change is minimised.

Crisis managers can use the slides of this template when preparing measures to take the company out of losses. You can use the slides in preparation for a meeting with key company managers and identifying the company’s strengths and opportunities.

Sales managers and marketers can use the slides from this template when discussing a new product promotion strategy. Startups can use the template when preparing an investor report. Business trainers and educators can use the template when preparing courses on company competitive advantage analysis or good governance. Investment firm analysts can use this template when preparing a firm analysis.

Soar Analysis template will be useful for project managers, marketers, startup executives. All slides in this template have all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. You can customize colors, block sizes and infographics yourself. Soar Analysis template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.