Business Continuity Plan

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Any company sooner or later faces disruptions in its work processes. Such failures can be caused by both internal and external factors. Internal factors include equipment breakdown and dismissal of key company employees. External factors include government decisions, duties from other states, and changes in the exchange rate of the national currency. To identify risks and minimize their impact on the company’s operations, company management, together with department heads, must develop an action plan in case of company disruptions. It is for these purposes that the creation of business continuity planning is necessary. Business continuity planning is the process involved in creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to a company. The plan ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to function quickly in the event of a disaster. Business continuity planning is generally conceived in advance and involves input from key stakeholders and personnel. Business continuity planning involves defining any and all risks that can affect the company’s operations, making it an important part of the organization’s risk management strategy. Risks may include natural disasters — fire, flood, or weather-related events — and cyber-attacks. Business continuity planning are an important part of any business. Threats and disruptions mean a loss of revenue and higher costs, which leads to a drop in profitability. And businesses can’t rely on insurance alone because it doesn’t cover all the costs and the customers who move to the competition. Completing the analysis can help companies identify and prioritize the processes that have the most impact on the business’ financial and operational functions.

Business continuity planning template contains four modern slides in neutral colors. The first slide allows you to indicate your mission, strategic and tactical goals of the company. You can also specify the relationships between different processes and departments of the company. The site will be useful for crisis managers when developing a strategy for optimizing the company’s business processes. The next slide allows you to display the looping of business continuity planning. You can use this slide when designing a company’s cash flow system. This slide can be used by the company’s financiers and economists when building their weekly reports. The third and fourth slides can be used to build various financial models, production plans, marketing strategies. Also, this template can be used by development teams when testing a software product. For example, you can write algorithms that must be executed when a program crash.

You can easily change the font sizes, infographic color and block arrangement. The template contains all the necessary modern tools for developing a business continuity planning audience presentation. This template will harmoniously complement and update your old presentations. Business continuity planning template will be useful for specialists in planning and development of new lines of business, product managers and engineers, team leaders and startups. Heads of companies and departments of companies need to have this template in their collection.