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Are you looking for a fun way to motivate your team? What if you’re using a superhero theme? The employee recognition event is a great opportunity to celebrate your employees’ superpowers. It will cheer up your entire team. After all, you must admit that many of us would like superheroes to be a reality. Some people can spread a positive outlook in the office, others tend to share great ideas or demonstrate amazing organizational skills. Some employees in the company may not fully understand your superhero theme. But this will be only at the beginning until he himself feels all the laurels of a superhero. A fun way to introduce each candidate is to describe their skills as super abilities. You can celebrate his outstanding sales record – the man magnet. Another superhero always submits all reports on time and has time for all meetings with clients – man-time. Our superhero is not only an employee with excellent skills but also someone who can use them to the benefit of the company. For example, a sales leader who has achieved steady growth in a department over the past six months demonstrates strategic and leadership skills that can have a direct impact on the business’s bottom line. Reward employees with more than just bonuses. Come up with new superheroes, celebrate their outstanding achievements, and soon you will realize that you are managing a team of superheroes capable of any accomplishments.

Superhero Template consists of four slides that contain beautiful superhero infographics. The first slide gives you the opportunity to introduce your two best employees in the Super Man and Wonder Woman categories. Use the next slide for a more detailed description of your superhero’s abilities. Describe his accomplishments in sales or cost cutting. This slide will be useful for HR managers when preparing a list of outstanding employees. You can prepare some slides and send them out for voting to other employees of the company. Based on the voting results, determine the winner in the category and announce the results by sending a presentation. The third slide gives you the opportunity to describe the growth of an employee from a simple specialist to a department head. You can also use this slide when preparing outstanding company dates when preparing information for new company employees. The last slide can be used as quotes from prominent directors of the company or the founder of the firm. Startups can also introduce their team using some of the slides from this template. Team leaders can also use this template to celebrate team members’ excellence. All slides in this template are easy to edit and, if necessary, you can independently make the changes you need. All Superhero Template slides will organically complement your old presentations and take their rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.