ETL Process

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ETL is a process that extracts the data from different source systems, then transforms the data (like applying calculations, concatenations, etc.) and finally loads the data into the Data Warehouse system. Full form of ETL is Extract, Transform and Load. The ETL process requires active inputs from various stakeholders including developers, analysts, testers, top executives and is technically challenging. ETL is a recurring activity (daily, weekly, monthly) of a Data warehouse system and needs to be agile, automated, and well documented. ETL process consists of three stages -extraction, transformation, loading. At the first stage, data is extracted from the source system into the staging area. Transformations if any are done in staging area so that performance of source system in not degraded. Data extracted from source server is raw and not usable in its original form. This requires the second stage of the ETL process. Therefore, it needs to be cleansed, mapped and transformed. In fact, this is the key step where ETL process adds value and changes data such that insightful BI reports can be generated. Loading data into the target data warehouse database is the last step of the ETL process. In a typical Data warehouse, huge volume of data needs to be loaded in a relatively short period (nights). Hence, load process should be optimized for performance. In case of load failure, recover mechanisms should be configured to restart from the point of failure without data integrity loss. Data Warehouse admins need to monitor, resume, cancel loads as per prevailing server performance.

ETL process template consists of four slides, each of which contains modern infographics and is designed for specific data presentation tasks. The first and last slides have the general structure of the ETL process. These slides can be used as a transition slide or to provide general information about the process. You can add these slides to your presentation as you prepare for a software upgrade project for gathering intelligence from various branches. The second and third slides describe in more detail the process of loading and transferring data for their further processing by analytical systems. This slide will be useful for system administrators, database architects, and IT engineers. You can display the complex process of transmitting and encoding data in a simple and accessible form for the audience. These slides will also help the product owner prepare for a meeting with a client or development team.

ETL process template contains modern infographic that you can edit and use in other slides. The ability to quickly and easily edit our templates will allow you to prepare a stylish and professional presentation in a short time. Educators can use this template when creating a programming course or database storage. Also, this template can be useful for team leaders during weekly sprints. ETL process template will be a worthy addition to your presentation collection.