ADKAR Change Management

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Change is often necessary and important so that a company remains relevant and continues to deliver viable solutions to a growing customer base. But, while a company and its executives may recognize the need for change management, employees may be resistant since change can be hard and uncomfortable. Created by Jeff Hiatt, founder of Prosci, the ADKAR change model has been proven to help individuals understand and accept change so companies can successfully innovate and become more efficient. Drive individual and organizational change in your company’s change initiatives with ADKAR change management that smooths and fosters change and transition without resistance. An effective change strategy as ADKAR change management has the following building blocks:

  1. Awareness – Need to change
  2. Desire – Factors which motivate individuals to participate in change
  3. Knowledge – planning tasks and responsibilities
  4. Ability – Implementation of a change management plan
  5. Reinforcement – Monitoring and control to assure success

The ADKAR change management strategy has 5 steps which start with a change goal set for the employees and ends with the change fully accepted by the employees and implemented by the organization. As illustrated with color-coded data call outs and Gantt chart in the ADKAR change management PowerPoint template, the change strategy includes 5 incremental steps from start to finish with deliverables, measurable outcomes, activities, and milestones at every step. Practical and actionable steps are taken to simplify the daunting process of organizational change by breaking it into small, attainable goals.

Adkar Change Management Template consists of four slides with lots of infographics that also contain all the tools you need to create a professional presentation. This template will primarily be useful to directors and heads of departments. For example, you can use the slides in this template when preparing a strategy for merging departments in a company or changing functional relationships within a company. The first slide of this template allows you to post information about the main tasks and indicate the percentage of completion for each of them. This slide will be useful for team leaders preparing for a new project and assigning tasks to employees based on their skills. The third slide of this template can be used by HR managers when preparing information about the outstanding achievements of company employees. The last slide of this template contains a chart that allows you to categorize the main tasks by day of the week. This slide can be used by heads of departments to plan the weekly work of their employees. This slide can also be used by project managers when scheduling a project. Also, the slides of this template can be used by university teachers when preparing a course on personnel management.

All texts, colors, and graphs in this PowerPoint presentation template are editable and customizable to suit your project needs. If necessary, you can combine the slides of this template with other slides in your presentation to complement and update their design. This template will be useful for business executives in preparation for the strategy session. Also, this template can be used by department heads who have just started work and need to show a new department management strategy. Adkar Change Management Template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.