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A project executive summary is a brief report that highlights the most important items of a project. It is generally concise, visual and only provides the most pertinent details of status, progress and actions required. Executives and team leads who read the executive summary should get the essence of the project status without needing to get into the granular details. Provide assurance on the status of your projects with this dynamic template.

Project executive summaries are extremely important, because they help top management to find both relevant information as well as employee achievements quickly. Any project summary should include the following five main parts – focus of the project, goals, summary, key findings, deliverables, and appendix (if any). The first slide contains some of the basic blocks needed to present your project summary. These blocks include the following – About Us, Our Revenue, Marketing Plan, Our Mission & Vision, Our Targets, Operating Plan. You can briefly provide information on each of the points so that the investor has a positive opinion about your project. For example, you can summarize information about your major projects, outline the main goals for the next two years. The second slide will help economists and financiers in their daily work in the preparation of their reports and analytical notes. For example, you can indicate the dynamics of an increase in the price of oil and offer to make an additional purchase of a batch of raw materials that are made from petroleum products. Also indicate on the slide the planned savings. The next slide can be used when launching a new product. For example, you can specify the dynamics of sales of similar competitors’ products, but with the worst quality. On the right side, identify the main positive differences for your product and the planned increase in profit and market share. This slide will be useful for development managers and business leaders. The next slide is presented in the form of several graphs and sequentially arranged text blocks with original icons. Here you can prepare for your potential investors brief information about the projected profit, project payback, required investments and problems of potential clients that your project solves. This slide will be useful for startups and small firms that are planning to launch a new product or service on the market. The last slide is in the form of a pie chart, where you can indicate the areas of application for your product. On the right side of the slide, you can display the percentage of funds already available to start the project. For example, you can offer an innovative solution in the field of GPS navigation and vehicle monitoring. On this slide, you can display the areas of application of your gadget, such as logistics companies, urban transport, companies that have their own car park, taxi companies. Indicate the cost savings for the customer in managing the vehicle coordination system compared to your product. Indicate the payback period and net profit in the first year of the project. Such presentation of information will certainly interest your investors and in the future you will be able to show a more detailed plan for the implementation of your project.

These premium executive summary slides are colorful, has options for data visualization and provides the brevity you need to communicate status for projects, product launches and more. Ideal for project managers, team leads, product developers and all functional teams, this template has the following section: about us, mission and vision, business targets, revenue objectives, operational goals and marketing plans. The template includes bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, and creative wave charts for data visualization.This template is 100% editable and customizable to meet your unique project management needs.