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The Illness-Wellness Continuum is the first of Dr. Travis’ three key wellness concepts. Most of us think of “wellness” in terms of “illness” and assume that the absence of illness indicates wellness. There are actually many degrees of wellness, just as there are many degrees of illness. The Illness-Wellness Continuum illustrates the relationship of the treatment paradigm to the wellness paradigm. An individual can move beyond the “neutral” point to increasingly higher levels of wellness. Moving from the center to the left shows a progressively worsening state of health. Moving to the right of center indicates increasing levels of health and wellbeing. The wellness paradigm directs you beyond the neutral point and encourages you to move as far toward wellness as possible. Even though people often lack physical symptoms, they may still be bored, depressed, tense, anxious, or simply unhappy with their lives. Such emotional states often set the stage for physical and mental disease. High-level wellness simply defines choices we can make over things we can control in our life.

The first slide of the template gives you the opportunity to indicate your health status on a ten-point scale. This slide contains a great infographic and five blocks of information. This slide will be useful for doctors and laboratory workers. You can indicate the general condition of the patient on this slide. You can also show the results of the patient’s analysis on a ten-point scale. The next slide will be useful for department heads. You can demonstrate to staff that it is necessary to keep the progress of the project up to date and not to allow the project to go into the red zone. Each of the four areas of the slide has its own brief description. You can prescribe basic instructions for each situation. The third slide can be used by HR managers when preparing a report on potential candidates. This slide will help you present the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate in four main categories. The last slide can be used as a guide or as a symptom reminder. You can indicate the main symptoms of the disease and the actions to be taken at each stage. Also, this slide can be used by teachers of medical universities when preparing teaching materials for students.

You can use the ready-made infographic when creating other slides. You can also customize colors and fonts to match your corporate colors. Business trainers and university educators can use this template when creating courses on viral diseases or identifying disease symptoms. Illness Wellness Continuum template is made in a modern style and contains a huge amount of infographics. This template is a must-have for all doctors, healthcare professionals, lab technicians, and human resources in their collection of presentation templates. Also, this template can be useful for employees of pharmaceutical companies.