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Business growth plans are short-term outlines for where a company sees itself in the next one to two years. The growth plan should be formatted to follow along with each quarter. At the end of each quarter, the company can review what goals were met and what goals were missed during that period. At this point, management can revise the business growth plan to reflect current market standing.

A business growth plan is beneficial to a company as a whole, but the main purpose is to write it with investors in mind. Investors want an outline of how your company plans to build sales in the coming months. Growth plans are customizable to each business and don’t need to follow a set template. However, all business growth plans must be heavily focused on revenue. The plan should answer a simple question: How does your company plan to make money each quarter?

There are four main strategies – market strategy, development strategy, product strategy, diversification strategy. A market strategy refers to how you plan to penetrate your target clientele. Development strategy applies to looking into ways to break your products and services into a new market. Product strategy is also referred to as product development. For this strategy, the focus is on what new products and services to target your current market. Diversification refers to expanding both your products and target markets. This strategy is usually best for smaller companies who have the means to be versatile with what products or services they offer and what new markets they attempt to penetrate.

Mapping out and planning your growth journey from infancy to maturity is a must for every business. A well-drafted growth plan is indispensable. This growth plan template outlines your business growth and how you plan to achieve it.

This template will be primarily useful for startups. You can use the slides in this template in preparation for the investor meeting where you will detail your growth plan. Also, this template will be useful for company directors when preparing a company’s development strategy in the short or long term.

This template will also be useful for CFOs. You can use this template when preparing your cash flow plan information for the year. Also, the template can be used by employees of banks and investment companies when preparing a profit forecast broken down by different sources of income.

The growth plan contains 4 slides with infographic details picturing growth. The first slide features a plant from infancy to maturity with the directed arrow indicating upward growth. The user can use the line graph chart in the second slide to highlight the growth rate per year. With the subsequent slides, you can show how far your company has grown and progressed over the year.

The growth plans template is 100% editable and customizable. Color and text can be modified and icons can be scaled to meet the user’s requirement. The growth plan template is widely used in business settings. Ideal for use by business analysts, strategic planners, and entrepreneurs. Use the growth plan PowerPoint presentation templates and highlight your growth plan from infancy to maturity to your audiences. Growth Plan Template will seamlessly complement your old strategic planning presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.