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Footprints are voluntary actions by corporations or companies aimed at returning to society. It can be social, health-related, environmental, or economic. Corporate Social Responsibility is an international norm that requires large enterprises or companies to help the community. This creates a reciprocal relationship between consumers and the business world. It started as an initiative and then turned into a business model. It is an investment that targets stakeholders such as employees, consumers, and the environment. Many companies are helping to restore natural resources by helping to plant new trees or increase animal populations. Large corporations can build hospitals and sponsor large programs. The participation of companies in social projects and the protection of natural resources increases the confidence in the company of clients and business partners.

The Footprint Template consists of four contemporary slides. Using these slides, you can make your presentation not only stylish but also professional. The first slide is presented in the form of four blocks and infographics with colored feet. You can indicate the measures that your company is taking to provide social assistance to the poor. For example, charity aid to victims of floods or hurricanes. The second slide allows you to detail up to three environmental improvement actions. You can also use this slide to prepare activities to help orphanages or schools in poor areas. The next slide allows you to describe two groups of activities, each with its own objectives. You can use this slide when paying for an expensive surgery for your employees or their families. The last slide is a pie chart with stops in a circle. It symbolizes the restoration of natural resources and ecology. You can describe the tasks that your company sets to conserve resources. For example, you can specify that your company is sorting waste in order to later recycle some of this waste.

The footprint template will be useful to all industrial enterprises when they prepare a presentation on conservation and ecology. Teachers in schools can use these slides to prepare nature studies lectures. Volunteer organizations that can help preserve nature or help the disadvantaged use the slides in this template to prepare a presentation about their activities. These slides can help them raise funds for conservation or purchase computers for orphanages. When preparing a presentation about a new product, you can use these slides to indicate that the product uses sustainable materials and does not pollute the environment in its manufacture. This template can be easily edited by changing the color and position of the infographic based on your needs. These slides can be used in preparing a commercial proposal, showing clients that you care about the environment, or participate in a social program. You can also use these slides to show that a portion of the profits is for social programs. The footprint template will be useful to environmentalists and social workers. They can use this template in their daily work.