VRIO Framework

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Keep your company’s long-term competitive advantage. The VRIO framework is a strategic analysis tool designed for organizations to uncover and protect the resources and capabilities that give them a long-term competitive advantage. VRIO is an acronym for a four basic question the frame evaluates over capabilities and resources :

  1. Value : What are those resources/capabilities that increase the perceived value of the company to the customer?
  2. Rarity: Is the resource/capabilities in the hands of a few(in the market)?
  3. Imitability: Are the resources/capabilities difficult to imitate?
  4. Organization: Is the organization able to exploit the resource/capability?

A resource or capability that meets all four requirements can bring sustained competitive advantage for the company. It is important to continually review the value of the resources because constantly changing internal or external conditions can make them less valuable or useless at all. Resources that can only be acquired by one or very few companies are considered rare. Rare and valuable resources grant temporary competitive advantage. A firm that has valuable, rare and costly to imitate resources can achieve sustained competitive advantage.

The resources itself do not confer any advantage for a company if it is not organized to capture the value from them. A firm must organize its management systems, processes, policies, organizational structure and culture to be able to fully realize the potential of its valuable, rare and costly to imitate resources and capabilities. Only then the companies can achieve sustained competitive advantage.

The VRIO framework template is well-designed with impactful visuals and informative dashboards. Useful to CEOs, CMDs, managers, employees, product and service developers, project supervisors, team leaders, educators, and students in management studies.

New Business Development Managers can use this template when analyzing a company’s business activities. You can determine what resources your company and your competitors have, what resources set you apart from the competition and give you an edge. This template can be used by startups in preparation for meeting with investors. This template will also be useful for project managers when preparing information for a new project.

This template can be used by company leaders in preparation for a strategic session with company shareholders. You can also use this template when designing your strategy session. This template will be useful for planning managers. You can describe in detail all stages of your plan and identify who is responsible for each stage. Company analysts can use the slides in this template when preparing analyzes of company activities or business lines. University professors and business coaches can use the slides of this template to prepare their courses on effective company management or to analyze the internal potential of the company.

The template’s text placeholders are 100% editable and customizable as per your requirements. You can change the color, text, resize icons and shapes to suit your preference. The VRIO analysis template allows you to create a PowerPoint presentation that will not only engage the audience but also help your company to optimize resources and remain in business. The VRIO Framework Template contains all the tools you need to design a professional and stylish presentation. The slides in this template will organically complement and update your old project planning and management presentations. This template will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.