Recruitment Plan

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Product details

The recruitment plan template is designed for use by job owners who intend to recruit new members of their workplace. This template employs texts and graphics that are easy to read, modify, and understand. It aids the employer in detailing the different features and skills that he or she requires of the potential recruits.

The template has four slides. The first slide details the job role and specific information–such as the salary level, location, and nature of employment–associated with the role across time. The second slide of the template provides information on the essential steps involved in recruitment.

Furthermore, the template features the different plans involved in choosing the right people for the job. It details four steps: making the right hire, making the proper selection, advertisement plan, and the structure of the recruitment exercise.

The final slide of the template includes all the required information of the potential recruits. This includes the biography, goals, frustrations, and influences of the recruit. The recruitment plan template includes their behavior during the search for the job, their skills and motivations, their quest, their personality, etc.

The recruitment plan template employs colors that make it attractive yet simple. If you are aiming to recruit new people into your organization, then you may want to use this recruitment plan template.