Priority Matrix Template

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Product details

Do you need an ordered sequence for your activities? Do you need to keep track of the progress of your laid down activities and present it to an audience? Then, this checklist template is the ideal option for you.

The checklist template encompasses all you need to have as regards preparing and presenting a suitable progress and checklist report of your activities. The template is created with visually appealing colors and amazing graphics. This makes template easy to use and comprehend, both by users and audience. The first slide of the template allows you to list your activities. There is also a section on the slide where you can highlight your progress in percentages on the checklist template.

The succeeding slides in the template allow you to explain the stated activities in detail, showcasing the process of carrying out these activities and an opportunity to check the boxes when the events are finally carried out. The text format and color of the checklist template can be adapted to suit your requirements and organizational standard.

This checklist template is perfect for presenting the progress of works and the scheduled timeframe for their completion. Project managers, business development officers and program leads will find this checklist template a very useful tool in planning and giving the report of projects and development plans embarked on.