Crisis Management Plan

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A Crisis Management Plan is a document that describes the processes that an organization should use to respond to a critical situation that could adversely affect its profitability, reputation or ability to operate. Crisis Management Plans are used by business continuity, emergency management, crisis management and damage assessment teams to prevent or minimize damages and provide guidelines for personnel, resources and communications.

A crisis requires quick decisions to limit damages to an organization, its stakeholders and the public. By providing a well-documented set of responses to possible critical situations, a Crisis Management Plans allows an organization to act quickly in the event of a major incident.

Show the need for your organization to manage disruptive and unexpected events that threaten to harm its existence and stakeholders with the crisis management PowerPoint template. Crisis management is the identification of threats to an organization and its stakeholders and the methods used by the organization to deal with these threats. Crisis such as technology failure, violence, thefts and terrorism, and illegal behaviors can hamper the workplace.

Crisis management planning includes preparation, process development, testing and training. To create an effective CMP, you should follow these steps:

– Determine the crisis management team members, Document the criteria for determining whether a crisis has occurred.

– Establish monitoring systems and practices for early warning of possible crisis situations.

– Specify the spokesperson in the event of a crisis.

– Provide a list of the main emergency contacts.

– Document who should be notified in the event of a crisis and how this notification should occur.

– Identify a process for assessing the incident, its potential severity and how it will affect the building and employees.

– Identify procedures to respond to the crisis and define safe places where employees can go in an emergency.

– Develop a strategy for posting and responding on social media.

– Develop a process to test the effectiveness of the crisis management plan and update it on a regular basis.

Communication is essential for overcoming crises, as it keeps the necessary people informed, from a local action in a single office to a global response. As the crisis develops and evolves, the organization should update its communications.


During a crisis situation, employees look to management for leadership and guidance. Without adequate communication, people may speak or act erroneously. Lack of communication can also result in safety problems.

The crisis management template is a professional PowerPoint presentation template containing 4 slides about crisis management and how to deal with crises and risks.  It allows you to explain the crisis management plans to your audience. The first and second slides feature color-coded infographics to show the different disasters in an organization. The presenter can use the third and fourth slides to talk about management on crises and risks.

Crisis managers can use this pattern when preparing their strategy for the withdrawal of their crisis situation. Company executives can use this pattern when preparing their company development strategy. You can use the slides of this template to prepare a presentation block and possible risks and events to eliminate them.

University teachers and business coaches can use this template in the preparation of their courses on the management of enterprises or effective crisis management. Also, this template will be useful to investment companies in assessing the risks of buying unprofitable companies and measures to conclusion from the crisis situation.

Ideal for use by crisis managers and strategic planners. The crisis management template is 100% editable and customizable. Insert your text and change the colors, size, and layout of the graphics to suit your needs. Save time by downloading this ready-to-use crisis management presentation template.