Feasibility Study

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Feasibility study – a document that provides information from which the appropriateness of creating a product or service is derived. Although the feasibility study is similar to a business plan, the difference is that the feasibility study is the rationale for the project, while the business plan describes the mission and goals of the organization. That is why we decided to make a separate template to help you present your feasibility study in the best possible way. So, meet the Feasibility Study Template. It will help to present the potential risks and benefits of the project, justify the need for the purchase of equipment and hiring employees, and much more.

The template consists of four slides that are interconnected by one design and color scheme. The first slide is perfect for the introductory part of your project. Here it is possible to describe the potential risks and evaluate the profitability of the project. Great infographics will organically complement this information. The right side of the slide has a green background that will contribute to the success of your presentation. The second slide is devoted to the assessment of the practicality of the proposed project or system. Here you can describe in detail the processes that accompany project evaluations. The processes are divided into four types – concept, development, implementation, and roll-out. The third slide is necessary to present key aspects of the feasibility study in a tabular form. It contains information about the concept, projects, systems, and ideas. It also allows you to evaluate the project from the beginning of planning to the end of implementation. The fourth slide complements the previous one and provides more visual information for audience perception. Here you can specify the percentage ratio of the influence of the main categories on the final result. Dotted lines allow you to better track the relationships between the main categories that affect the final result.

This template looks professional and modern. It uses visually attractive colors that do not make it difficult to read the contents of the template. It perfectly combines various design techniques. One of which is the use of curly braces using the transparency effect. It is also worth noting the presentation of tabular data in a form somewhat unusual for users. The table consists of blocks that are visually separated from each other and have a different fill color. However, this does not interfere with them, and even vice versa makes it possible to perceive these blocks as a single table into which the icons fit organically when evaluating project parameters. The combination of various techniques for presenting data visualization, namely the use of a large number of infographics, icons, tables, and figures, clearly helps the audience perceive your information. This template will be useful to specialists from various sectors of the economy – marketing, manufacturing, services, and education. Feasibility Study Template can be used not only in evaluating projects but also in drawing up business plans, risk assessments, or in summing up intermediate results.