Account Planning Template

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Are you analyzing potential consumers of your product? Do you need to submit analytical reports on sales in each region? Do you need to talk about your market share and your main competitors? PowerSlides will help you combine all this into a neat presentation that will present your Account Planning in the form of interconnected slides. We bring to your attention our go-to “Account Planning Template”.

Why do we recommend it for Account Planning? Everything is very simple. This template contains all the necessary visual presentation elements necessary for Account Planning. The first slide shows the timeline. Here you can easily imagine financial calculations over a long period that will be easy to understand and process for your listeners. The next slide allows you to draw a roadmap of the product and describe the key points of achieving the goal. The third slide can be used to visualize descriptions of product properties or categories of potential buyers. The graphical presentation of data in the form of a pyramid is always perceived by people as indisputable facts. Here you can reflect the main qualities of the product or sales regions of the potential product.

A bit about presentation design. The color scheme of the presentation is presented in soft and warm colors. It does not cause aggression from the audience and helps to better perceive the information transmitted by the speaker. The font color is visible on the whole slide and does not merge with the backgrounds. Accurate lines of forms harmoniously fit and complement the overall business style of the presentation. In general, this account planning template will be a worthy addition to your analysis of the potential market for the product.