New Product Launch Plan

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Launching a new product into the market requires a lot of thought process, homework, and preparation. It also includes the reviewing, testing and partial implementation of the product to its maximum limits. Therefore, to identify its built-in potential and estimate the competence it possesses as compare to other products of the league.

A successful product launch involves effective planning with impressing presentations. That is not only comprehensible but also easily understandable by anyone. For the very reason, this New Product Launch powerpoint template remains well-developed. The template can be used in any field. It can be utilized for your business presentations, academic purposes, in technological development and analysis procedures, in industries for designing a new product, and even for researchers.

The first slide is a series of text blocks and graphics placed on a laptop screen. This effect allows you to convey to the audience that the data presented on the slide is valid. You can use the slide when comparing several potential products and planning the profit from their sale. The slide will be useful for bankers, economists, planning department employees in their daily work. The second slide is represented by infographics in the form of a swing, which adds personality to the slide. The second part uses a radar chart. You can use this slide to prepare information on the strengths and weaknesses of a new product versus an already marketed company. Sales managers can use this slide when preparing a presentation to a client about a new product, its benefits compared to competitors’ products. The next slide is a timeline on the left and a growth chart on the right. This slide is perfect for preparing a go-to-market plan for a new product. You can specify the periods for which the launch of a new product in the series is scheduled, the start of its sales by region, and more. A growth histogram will show the increase in profits as new product launches increase. The fourth slide can be used to describe the main stages of a new product entering the market. This slide can also be used to prepare goals for programming teams at their weekly meeting. The last slide is presented in the form of a timeline, on which you can indicate all the main stages associated with a new product entering the market. For example, at the first stage, there may be laboratory analyzes, then the release of a prototype, then the launch of a trial series, and, at the same time, the launch of an advertising campaign for a new product, the start of sales in various regions. Also, this slide will be very convenient for the product manager when preparing goals for the team. Also, this slide can be used by construction organizations when building a new home or office. They can describe in detail at what stages and for what the various contractors are responsible for.

Consisting of 5 slides, this product launch plan template remains entirely editable. The template has a very sophisticated design capable of conveying the message to the audience at a faster pace. The purple, blue, white, and pink contrast further add to its simplicity. With designated spaces for infographics, data set representation, scales diagram, comparison bar charts, testimonials and flowcharts, the template also has individual description boxes. Thus, making this New Product Launch template a perfect fit for the corporate distribution sector.