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Each company values ​​its employees and is proud of them. On any site you can find a page about the company and get acquainted with its key employees. Meet the Team is popular with web designers and other creative firms, but can also be found on sites in other industries. This adds personality to the company and can build trust among visitors. By adding photos of employees, you stop being another faceless company and become closer to your client. After all, you must agree that it is not very pleasant to communicate with impersonal companies. A team of specialists is often created for specific projects. The selection of employees for the team is determined by the tasks of the project. Many project managers represent team members and indicate their core skills. The customer perceives the presentation of information in this form better. This inspires confidence in your company and employees as professionals in their field.

This template allows you to fully represent the strengths of your team. You can post information about five members of your team. Under the photo, you can indicate your specialization and provide a link to social networks. This slide can also be used when preparing conferences. For example, you can specify the main speakers of the day. The slides of this template can primarily be used by IT companies and startups. You can also indicate on the slides the experience or major projects that each team member has been involved with. The template can be used by HR employees when preparing candidates for the title of the best employee of the month. Various agencies may use the slides of this template in their promotional materials and marketing mailings. For example, you can present your services to potential clients and attach a slide with photos of your employees. Thus, your letter will not look impersonal and will inspire trust and the client. This slide can be used by product managers and team leaders when preparing meetings with a future team. For example, you can give a short description of each employee and mail it to each of them. This will allow team members to familiarize themselves with each of the participants in advance, which will prevent them from wasting time in the meeting looking at information about the team members. Links to social networks will allow you to learn about the interests of other team members. This information will help employees work more closely on the project and achieve high work efficiency.

This template will be useful for companies that practice teamwork on projects. All slides in this template are modern in style and can be used with other templates for joint presentations or action plans. You can independently prepare slide templates for your corporate requirements. For example, you can change the font size and color, and change the color and position of the infographic. Team Slides templates will complement your presentation collection and take its rightful place in it.