Recruitment Metrics

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If you are interested in employing recruits to your organization, you may want to consider using the recruitment metrics template. The template details the different measures employed in the recruitment process, and it has four slides.

The first slide of the template details seven (7) different metrics used in the recruitment process. They are awareness, attraction, interest, application, interview, advocacy, and hire. The slide also provides information on these metrics.

The second slide of the template considers twenty-one (21) more measures, apart from the aforementioned seven (7). Some of these measures are the time to hire, source of hire, cost per hire, candidate experience, quality of hire, offer acceptance rate, quality of hire, selection ratio, etc.

The third slide of this template provides more information on some of the measures mentioned in the third slide, including the time to fill, cost per hire, quality of hire, and source of hire.

The fourth and final slide of the template plots a graph of output against time using onboarding, off boarding, employee experience & culture, and management & development as metrics.

The recruitment metrics template employs a text font that is easy to read and understand. They also employ colors that make it easy to differentiate between different metrics. Finally, the template uses a graph to show the differences between several metrics.