HR SWOT Analysis

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A human resources SWOT analysis considers internal and external factors that can either boost or impede the human resources functions within your organization. The acronym SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This analysis can help speed your company’s transition from reactive to proactive mode to enhance HR strategy and function.

Your organization’s strengths are internal factors that enable HR strategy and functionality. HR strategy refers to long-term goals, such as building a top-tier workforce or becoming an employer of choice. Internal strengths for HR include executive leadership who support and promote HR strategic development. Another internal factor consists of HR staff knowledge and expertise.

Weaknesses also are internal factors that pose challenges to the success of HR endeavors. Internally, budget constraints and cuts are conditions that HR often has to deal with, primarily because HR is not a revenue-producing department. HR has to rely on sound justification to fund investments in HR activities. Low employee morale and high turnover are serious internal factors that can disrupt HR. 

One of the most significant external factors for HR is the opportunity for workforce growth, due to increased demand for the company’s products and services. More business translates into better raises or higher wages for current employees, along with growth for the surrounding community through the hiring of more workers. External factors also may present themselves as the company’s ability to land a highly successful rainmaker whose business development activities improve the company’s reputation or industry ranking.

Threats are external factors that negatively impact the company and, ultimately, the HR department. When a competitor gains an edge in the market share, it affects profitability and may result in layoffs, business slowdown or closure. Other types of external threats include businesses that offer better working conditions, wages or benefits to their employees and, therefore, recruit the best-qualified workers. HR departments can’t always insulate themselves from all external factors because some are imminent. However, HR can diminish the impact of external threats through conducting routine assessments of compensation structure, surveying employee opinion on working conditions and strengthening the employer-employee relationship through showing HR as a strategic business partner that values human capital.

This template will primarily be useful for HR managers. You can use the slides from this template when preparing your HR SWOT analysis. You can also use this template in your talent pool training or hiring strategy for your company.

Startup executives can use this template when preparing for their investor meeting. For example, you can use the slides in this template to prepare your labor market analysis and determine the required salary level for your new project.

HR Swot Analysis template will be useful for HR managers, startups, company executives. All slides in this template have all the tools you need to build a professional presentation. You can customize colors, block sizes and infographics yourself. HR Swot Analysis Template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.