Product Comparison

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Product details

Know the winning product in your company’s marketing mix and capitalize on it to beat the competition.  Product comparison is the process of comparing two or more products against some criteria so as to determine their worthiness, market value and viability.

The product comparison PowerPoint template contains 4 decks of visually appealing infographics. Do comparison between two products against some criteria with the first slide. How the products fare against the criteria can be presented in the content area underneath each criterion. The second slide allows the presenter to compare the products’ cost of subscription and show they fare in the rating department. The third slide elaborate on the product comparison with an infographic. Ratings of the compared products in question against different criteria can be shown with the fourth slide. The user can edit and customize the product comparison template to meet user requirements. Color, text and icons can be modified to suit preference.

Widely used in marketing and product management. Ideal for marketers, strategic planners, business analysts, product managers, etc… Save time and effort on your product comparison presentation with our product comparison Powerpoint template and wow your audience from start to finish.