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Buyer personas are effectively used for company development. They help you make your company’s employees understand the target audience for your products and services. As it’s the perfect way of describing your ideal customers, their daily life, their interests and hobbies, their goals and targets, and their capability to make decisions. In simple words, Buyer personas are an evaluation tool for your company to test the effectiveness of its products/services keeping in view the ongoing market trends. So that the organization can build better marketing strategies, sales plans and make upgradations. This Buyer Persona Powerpoint Template helps you in achieving the very purpose quite efficiently. Buyer personas can be used in any field. Let it be of business nature, awareness related or research purposes. Every professional field can utilize the concept according to its requirements.

Buyer Persona template is designed in a modern style and contains all the necessary professional tools for preparing a presentation. This slide contains the main blocks about your ideal client – bio, wants, needs, frustration, skills. You can use this slide when preparing a new product to market report. For example, you can specify a potential customer type who will buy this product. It will be easier for sales managers to understand how to interact with a customer and what methods to use when offering him a product. You can also indicate customer preferences for other brands on this slide. The second slide is made in more restrained colors. This slide will be useful for marketers when setting a task for an advertising agency that will prepare targeted advertising. This slide gives you the ability to structure your data on one slide. HR managers can use this slide to prepare information about the best employee in the firm and their outstanding achievements in the company. The next slide differs from the previous ones by the placement of blocks, namely the buyer’s photo. HR managers can use this slide to prepare information on candidates for the vacant position. For example, you have vacated the position of the head of a department, and you can offer several candidates from your talent pool for it. Present the candidate details to the CEO using the slides in this template. The final slide is set against a dark background and can blend in with your presentation with a dark color scheme. The product owner can use this slide to prepare client requirements and discuss their weekly sprints with the software development team. This slide can also be used by employees of any company when preparing their resume. Also, this slide will be useful for HR managers when sending information about a new employee of the company.

Consisting of 4 slides, this Buyer Persona Template is very sophisticatedly designed. Ambient backgrounds and separate description boxes for writing buyer data remain completely editable. You can easily change font sizes, infographic colors, and block placement. You can write your buyer’s Goals, Talents, Passion, Interests, Personal Data, Skills, Inefficiencies, Personality, and Behavioral information on a single page. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can easily select what best suits your needs. The slides of this template can be used by investment companies and startups when preparing a presentation for investors. You can also use this template when preparing information about your team that is working on a specific project.